Super Smash Flash 2 Jigglypuff Guide

Are you people addicted of playing the video games? Here, there is great news for those who madly addicted to the games. Yes, the game called Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked, is one of the very interesting and action filled among the others. According to this game, the characters play an important role. The game is getting more interested now; because there is a new option is introduced that is the health of the characters is measured by a damage percentage counter.

This defines that if the character is getting attacked by the other players the damage counter is added to the player and it will be accumulated and the range of the percentage for that player will gets increased.

Nowadays, the demand for the video gaming is rapidly increasing more and more because of its unlimited fun and great enjoyment. As well as they are growing in recognition for the people in all the ages of seniors and juniors backgrounds. The video games are not only capable of providing excitement and fun for each and every one, but also they are providing certain benefits and gives more relaxation.

Super Smash Flash 2 Jigglypuff is recognized as the lightest and the floatiest character in the game. The jigglypuff hits the opponent head using Pummel with the damage of 2%. It actually puffs the enemies in a diagonal angle with the damage of 12%. It has an option that it can hide at the back of the enemies and hit upto3 hits and earn the damage of 4%. Jigglypuff can only be unlocked when the opponents finish over120 matches in the smash flash.

The fighting style of the jigglypuff is very common when compared to the other characters that use wide variety of slaps, rolls, kicks, and most importantly have the capacity of singing and make the other players to sleep. The special moves for the character jigglypuff which can be displayed below,

Special moves and its Damage value:

• Dash Attack – 8-12%
• Down Tilt – 10%
• Up Tilt – 5%
• Forward Tilt – 9%
• Forward Smash – 16%
• Neutral Attack – 3%
• Up Smash – 15%
• Down Smash – 14%

Forward smash is most powerful attack of jigglypuff and it has the high range of damage value for the defeat of the enemy. Then the Up and Down Smash have next high damage value in the level of fighting to the next stage. Singing in the time of fighting in the ground, the jigglypuff make the enemy to sleep. It has the ability of executing two punches at a time and earns the grade points in higher level.