How To Charge Your Shield Faster In Slurpy Swamp – Fortnite

In Fortnite there is now the place Slurpy Swamp, where you can load his shield through different variants. Often it takes a long time. A player shows in a clip a trick, how it works fast.

What is this place? Slurpy Swamp is a place found on the new Chapter 2 map . There are various ways to charge shields. But most of the time the shield charge takes a long time. In an alter ego challenge , Slurpy Swamp requires you to climb into a slurp barrel while you have equipped the Glibber Skin.

Player finds a trick for a quick Shield Charge

What is this trick? The player HeyItsYonder found a simple trick that makes the shield charge much faster. He posted a video on reddit:

Slurpy Swamp is handy, but it takes a long time

Why is this trick so important in fortnite? If you have already visited the place Slurpy Swamp, you know how many variants there are for the Schildaufladung. There are slurp barrels, trucks and even the whole lake, around the place, is full of healing powers.

Although it may be very convenient to land there, but the shield-charging does not work by itself and it usually takes a long time to get a full sign. What’s going on in Fortnite? Since the beginning of Chapter 2 in Fortnite the weekly innovations such as weapons or game modes have been noticeably reduced. The players wished that did not want to adjust themselves weekly to new tactics.

Unfortunately, Epic is also silent about what is changed during the maintenance work in Battle Royale mode. The players themselves must go looking for clues. Also this week there are few clues. At least we know when to take a forced break for maintenance!

Fortnite servers go down – when are we going to start? How long does it take?

When does the downtime start? Old maintenance rabbits will suspect it: With one day delay, you are allowed to start your latest round in the Battle Royale today at 09:30 clock German time. At 10:00 clock German time, the servers are finally taken completely offline.

How long will the servers be unreachable? If Epic does not break anything, you should get back in at noon. If it comes to unforeseen problems, of course you will learn it here. What about the patch notes? Unfortunately, Epic has kept a low profile in the past few weeks regarding patch notes. The players had to find out some changes themselves. Whether this will change this week is questionable. However, if Epic publishes patch notes, you can read them as usual on MeinMMO.

What will the new update 11.11 have in its luggage?

What’s new in the Battle Royale? Unfortunately, except for some bug fixes, Epic has not announced any new content for the competitive game mode. It is therefore not known if new game modes will find their way to Fortnite.

Melee weapons in Fortnite

Melee weapons include all weapons that cause damage only at short range. Since the Shotgun and Pumpgun are now available in all rarities, they are especially effective in melee combat. The submachine gun is also an alternative for close combat. It does not cause as much damage per shot as the pump gun, but it shoots much faster.

A combination of the pump gun and the submachine gun is also worthwhile if the first shot from the pump gun is not effective enough and you want to shoot fast afterwards.

Explosive weapons in Fortnite

Anyone who wants to blow up enemies and buildings should have an explosive weapon in their inventory. Explosive weapons cause a lot of damage, but there’s a big risk in melee that you’ll find yourself using them.

At the moment there is only the rocket launcher and grenades as explosive weapons in the game. The rocket launcher is now more often found in chests, as it gives it from unusual rarity. The grenades are useful for specific situations, but we would not put them in the top 5 loadout slots. If you are looking for some working fortnite account generator with skins , then you must take look at the website we linked here.

Which 5 weapons and items should you take with you?

Ideally, you should have equipped these weapons and items in your inventory:

A standard weapon like the assault rifle
A melee weapon like the tactical shotgun
A sniper rifle for the battles from a distance
A rocket launcher for explosive fun
A healing or shield object

Fortnite-Loadout 1

Depending on the game, the equipment may vary. If you prefer to attack directly, the sniper rifle may not be worth it. For example, you can take a pump gun and a submachine gun.

Fortnite-Loadout 2

If you are not fans of explosive weapons, you can leave the rocket launcher behind and instead take a healing or shield object with you.

Fortnite-Loadout 3

Alternatively, now also offers the harpoon gun, because it is versatile. It could therefore be worth a place in the inventory.