How To Strengthen Your Immune System

Especially the cold season sometimes challenges our immune system. For all plasma donors and those who would like to be, we have put together a few tips to stay healthy and donate diligently in the fall.

1. Drink enough

It is likely that everyone is aware that drinking enough is important. Especially water helps us eliminate toxins. Less suitable are sugar or caffeinated drinks.

2. Herbs strengthen the immune system

In addition to sufficient water, you can also drink herbal teas or green smoothies, and herbs also taste great in salads. The minerals contained and their antibacterial effect strengthen and relieve your immune system.

3. Colorful is healthy

You hear it over and over again and it’s true: fruits and vegetables make you healthy. They are rich in cell protecting antioxidants and thus relieve the immune system. The best way to enjoy fruits and vegetables raw and in many different colors!

4. Out of the house

Fresh air is healthy! No matter if it’s raining or sunshine, alone or with the family, for jogging or for a walk: it’s worth it to take some time and get some fresh air. How about a walk to the plasma center? with these CSL Plasma Coupon on your hands.

5. Sleep well

One of the easiest ways to help your immune system is to get enough sleep because the body can regenerate during sleep.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to keep your immune system fit. And anyone who has a fit immune system can help other people with his plasma donation!

Credits : CSL Plasma: Plasma Donation Centers

Steps to Plasma Donation

Below are the simple steps that you will undergo while donating plasma.

1) First of all, you will be greeted at Biolife Plasma Service centre by their friendly staff.

2) Secondly, your donation screening will be done in which you have to answer some routine personal and health-related questions every time you plan to donate to make sure your donation is safer for you as well as the patient you are donating to.

3) Thirdly, whenever you donate, a medical historian will measure all your vital details like weight, pulse, blood pressure to make the plasma donation process safer and smoother.

4) Fourthly, after you donate plasma from your body, you will receive a compensation form the service centre in the form of Biolife coupon using which you can avail a discount and perks when you donate your plasma to someone else or you may also get compensation in the form of a debit card offered by them which allows plasma donor to a direct access to funds into their personal account. The debit card can be loaded each time a donor donates plasma across any local Biolife Plasma Service centres.

What is Plasma?

Blood plasma

Plasma is the yellow colour liquid found in the human blood that remains after RBCs, WBCs, platelets and other cellular components are eliminated from your blood. In other words, Plasma is the largest component of human blood which comprises 55% of the total volume of the blood. It consists mainly of water and proteins, which helps your body control bleeding and several dreadful infections that are hard to cure.

How Is Plasma Used?

Plasma donated by the donor at Biolife Plasma Services is collected and processed into a range of life-saving therapeutics which offers benefit to thousands of people who suffer from diseases like haemophilia and immune disorders or deficiencies. It is worth to note that plasma is not a substance that can be produced in an artificial manner or any hypothetical environment. It is obtained when someone makes a donation which is later on used to save lives.

What Is It Like to Donate a Plasma?

Donating plasma is considered as gifting life to someone who requires it the most.

It might happen, that the donor who visits for the very first time for donating plasma and do not have any idea regarding the process. So, to overcome their fear regarding plasma donation, we are presenting what happens during the plasma donation process and how long does it take.

Hope you enjoyed this article and never forget to share with whom you care alot!